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Paid license

There are three types of licenses for paid users: Single Node License, LAN License, and Parallel License.  The license file is called license.dat which will be generated after you submit the license-number to our Website. The license-number is obtained when you install the software on your computer.
  1. Single Node License - the license is used to run software on a single computer (multicore) where the license-number was created. For nanodcal, a 3-year free Single Node License is available for a limited time.
  1. LAN License - the license is used to run software on all computers connected by a LAN. You should obtain the license-number from the server of the LAN. If there is no server, you should obtain it from a computer on the LAN that is always turned on.
  1. Parallel License - the license is used to run software on distributed computer clusters or supercomputers for parallel computation that is often necessary when system gets large.

Because one may forget which computer the license-number came from, it is suggested to bind the license-number to the name of the computer when uploading the license-number to our website, by filling the input-box with a computer name like `my laptop’.

For a limited time, we will authorize each customer three license files with respect to the three types of licenses: one for Single Node, one for LAN and one for Parallel.